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DIRECTOR: Elizabeth Monroy M.S.


PH: +011 502 821 1558


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New Renaissance Florence International Film School is a Study Abroad Program


In the U.S.


Please contact our U.S. Study Abroad Office for locations of our programs in Florence, Italy





To enroll at the Florence International Film School, you must send (1) the completed application form, and (2) the required documents to the Florence International Film School via email No refunds. Courses may be canceled or delayed if the required amount of students is not reached. Please contact us to confirm the date that each courses  is beginning before traveling to Florence, Italy.



If you are interested in scheduling an interview at our school you must first fill out an application and email it to us. Then we will schedule an interview with our administrator. Students may bring parents but no interveiws will be granted to parents without the applying student present.


Students who are citizens of the member states of the European Community do not need a visa. It is however advisable that they request a E111 from the Health Services of their country, if they want to be covered by the Italian National Health Service.

Students who are citizens of countries outside the European Community, should enquire at the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate  whether or not they will require a study visa, where and how to apply.

Visa application will require the certificate of enrollment that The Florence International Film School provides in the confirmation letter. Full tution payment is required in advance by students requiring a visa.

All students are accepted without regard for color, creed, race or religion. Students who fail to be granted a visa will not be reimbursed.

The Florence International Film School is not responsible for course cancellations due to the Consulate/Embassy denying to issue a study visa.


It is advisable to have insurance that covers you for accidents, illness, theft or loss: The florence International film School and apartment landlords cannot be held responsible.


The Florence International Film School Reserves the right to use all student images and projects at any time to promote the shcool and it's programs.

All projects Created  by FIFS interns belong to the Production Company with whom the students are interning. Students may be dismissed from the program if they fail to meet the program standards or create a negative influence on the program or other students.


NOTE: Florence International Film School reserves the right to ammend or change , or cancel the start dates of any of its courses of study offered by the school if the minimum number of students are not met.

No refunds of tuition.

All lodging and meals are paid by students.