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FIFS AND INFINITE HUMAN PRODUTIONS' mission is to offer Online Workshops, Webinars and Programs, Produce and Distribute films, media and products that inspire and promote the infinite possibilities we humans are capable of achieving mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially & financially while helping individuals to grow and become the architects of an infinite new reality!

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                               Infinite Human Artist Residency Program

We are designed to be a reflection of the Infinite!
The Infinite Human Workshop is a series of workshops designed to help individuals free themselves from personal limitations that inhibit their spiritual, creative and personal growth and expression and help them to find their own unique voice, artistic style and personal vision, then merge it into a Vision for our Planet. These workshops serve as the spiritual spine and psychological core for all of our program both challenging and nurturing the visionary artist. These workshops utilize both hemispheres of the brain to help artists create higher synaptic pathways in their brain to access their highest creative capacity and most original work.
Workshop 101 Infinite Human Workshop 
You are the artist creating your own unique reality on this canvas we call life. You can choose which paints you use and step back and learn from this beautiful process while painting your life.  You can choose to let go of your fears and limitations and move into a vibration of love that is just now becoming available to humanity. You can choose to share that and all of your uniqueness with the world.
This workshop focuses on helping you, the artist to non judgmentally examine your   life story, the characters you have cast, your current plot and where it is leading you.  You will use Yoga, Art, Meditation and Jungian Archetypical Symbols from the Joseph Campbell’s Journey of the Hero to see how your story is serving you or not. In Pawleys Island we will visit the  Famous Brookgreen Sculpture Garden  which houses sculptures Sculptures from around the world. We will use the art to help you become the hero in your own story facing your shadow self and learning what you must do to illuminate your hero and be reborn as an infinite human.
Our workshops are  right on the beautiful beach of Pawleys Island South Carolina. You will have time during the workshop to reflect, journal and meditate using the beach, the energy of the Ocean and commune with dolphins and sea creatures and the other wild life.
Workshop 102 Finding your own Vision for a New Earth
Once you as an artist have freed yourself from old memory and the past and evolved as an Infinite Human you will be given the joyous task of sharing your gifts, talents and personal vision with the world. Most screenplays and stories stop here. The hero returns from his journey with the elixir of life, older but wiser. The End. Now it is the job of every evolved hero to reach into the infiniteness and find their uniqueness and very personal vision for our evolving planet. We need to rewrite the third act!
As aware individuals we gaze out at our planet and see that there are some serious problems with the current direction the world is taking. Each artist must find their own personal role in creating a new story for the planet.
Uncovering your personal mission.
Participants will begin to translate their vision into tangible works of art or projects that will make a difference in the direction of our planet and change their own lives. It is only by finding and following that you will reach your highest level of success.
Workshop 103 Soul Montage
This workshop is about taking the creations form each individual artist and merging them together into a create multi media opera called a Soul montage. This will symbolize the groups vision for the New Earth made up of Infinite Humans.
The Artist Residency will include guest lectures from local Artists, Photographers, Writers ect.. 
“We need a new art and a new poetry universal in its appeal that will transform the myths of the past into a new understanding of consciousness and the world we inhabit.”
William Anderson The Face of Glory
Elizabeth Monroy 
Elizabeth Monroy is the C.E.O. of the Florence International Film School Study Abroad Program, Infinite Human Productions, a spiritually based production company and The Infinite Human Institute, organizations incorporated in the U.S which offers programs that seek to inspire, educate and promote emerging visionary artists and art that helps transform the World.
Elizabeth Monroy is a Certified  Infinite Human Life Coach who combines her Intuitive abilities as a Medium, Certified Tarot Coach,  Past Life Counselor, Medical Intuit, Yoga Therapy Teacher,  Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner,  Certified Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, International Visionary  Author,  Film Director, Producer and Artist, with her thirty years of experience as a Mental Health Counselor and training under Master Spiritual Teachers. Elizabeth has traveled the planet receiving many high spiritual initiations.
She has worked with her husband, a physician, laying a higher foundation for healing incorporating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual natures of the human into a new Healing modality. Together they wrote the book The Pathway Home to help the New Healers of the planet.Elizabeth has based her Infinite Human Life Coaching on the foundation laid by herself and her husband The result is holistic healing that addresses all of the human natures and utilizes a broad variety of modalities and intuitive healing. Elizabeth uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals trust their own inner guidance, heal all areas of their lives and step into their Radiate Light Bodies becoming Infinite Humans and sharing their unique gifts and talents with the world. She offers workshops, classes and one to one coaching sessions both in person and online in such areas as Finding your Life Purpose, Adv. Meditation, Relationships, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Tarot Consultation, Dealing with the Death of a Loved One, Death Transitioning, Stress Reduction, Holistic Healing, Medical Intuit, Infinite Human Coaching Sessions and much more!!!! Elizabeth is also the Host of  The Infinite Human Talk Show which can be found on YouTube, Facebook and on the website. 





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