Film School




This workshop includes  mediation, creative visualization, intutiive drawing, Transformational Art, mask making and creative  storytelling. writing to unblock the creative flow and help participants to better access their higher intuitive abilities There is always a nuturing  The goal is to unblock the creative flow increasing personal and spiritual growth and connection through art and creative expression helping particpants lead a more passionate, creative and deeply connected life and produce art work that is deeply significant. The text used is The Artist's Way by Julian de Cameron.

Tours of the museams, churchs, palaces to learn the  esoteric symbology, music , sacred geometry, astrology and philosophies of the Renaissance will be employed to help students gain a broader conception of the spiritual essence behind  the Art and its transmutational power unpon the human soul.True Art radiates from the Soul of the Artist profoundly touching the Soul of the Beholder. It takes courage to bare your Soul before the world, but being true to your soul self is the only way to touch the souls of others. This Workshop will take you the Artist through an amazing journey of self discovery. Using Adv. Meditation, Creative Visualization, Transformational Art, Improvisation, Creative Writing, Yoga and Mythic Story Structure you will develop a profound trust of your own Intuitive Voice and let it guide you in your artistic creations.

Price: 450 Euro