Film School




Digital Video Production:

Students will be introduces to the fast changing choices and possibilities now available in digital film production. Students will learn how to choose the best cameras and equipment and make cost effective choices for creating their own low budget professionally executed films. They will learn how to achieve the highest professional level for the lowest cost.

Then Students will through hands on exercises and have the opportunity to work with state of the art equipment learning how to conduct interviews, capture motion, record sound and work in various filming modalities. Students will have the opportunity to shoot with state of the art video cameras and analysis their raw footage in class.


Course Includes:

Lectures: 2 hours daily on the Psychology of the Camera. Students will explore how to best utilize the camera: angles, lens and framing the shot to motivate their story.


Hands on Camera Work:

Students will learn and experiment with different modalities:


White Balance

Shutter Speed


Use of Tripod

Use of Battery and Charger

Video Latitude

Use of Microphones

Moving Sequences,

Eye piece 

Close ups

Wide Angles

Making Pulls and Zooms



In the Field On Location Shooting around Florence :

Students will shoot on location in Florence .



Students will play back their footage analysis their shot choices on how well they communicated what they were going for as well as receiving constructive feed back on any technical problems they may have encountered. Students will have their film exercises reviewed and critiqued.

Duration: 1-Week Intensive

Price: 950 Euro